Monday, September 27, 2010

All things bright and beautiful...

...all creatures great and small...
(It's autumn: time to cover outdoor furniture in wool)
(Der Herbst: Zeit, Freitluft-Möbel mit Wolle zu wärmen)
...all things wise and wonderful...
(I'm a sucker for puffins. It's a graffiti puffin for goodness sake! And a pretty darn big one)
(Ich schwärme für Papageientaucher. Und dann als Graffiti! Und so groß noch dazu!)

...the strickbombe loves them all!


  1. Oh, das würde unserem Treppengeländer zur Zeit auch sehr gut stehen. Total süß!!!

  2. Ooh loving your little fairy forest on the arm of the bench. I suspect it will be whisked away very quickly!

  3. i love it!finding something like this would make my day for a week! do you have a twitter account i can follow?

  4. aw, klasse gemacht <3 komm rauf nach ostfriesland und bestrick hier ein paar bänke und zäune, das würd mir gefallen :)

  5. Guten Tag! I found your blog through Mochimochiland. I love your ideas, and even better, I studied German some years back so I love that I can practice reading your posts as well :)

  6. Hi, linked my way over to your blog and enjoyed looking at all your pics! The bird family on the tank may be my all-time favourite. Keep it coming!

  7. Oh, die Pilze mit Schneckchen sind ja total süße :-)

  8. Hello Ms Strickbombe

    Thanks for your clever and very funny comment at GPB.