Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring is springing / Der Lenz, ist er da?

Now that the Vernal Equinox has been and gone (it was nearly rained off!) and it's officially Spring, I felt a little woolly encouragement was called for to help the new season along.
Die Frühjahrssonnenwende war verregnet, daher fand ich, ein bisschen wollige Unterstützung wäre nicht fehl am Platz.
Now all we need to do is park those cars in the right colour-coordinated order...
Es fehlt nur noch, dass die Autos da unten nach Farben geparkt werden...
Let's see how long the 36 crocheted flowers will be allowed to blossom.
Mal sehen, wie lange die 36 gehäkelten Blumen blühen dürfen.

Talking of longevity, all the other tags were still where I had put them. All of them except one. This Valentine's yarn bomb has been carefully removed from it's lamp post infront of the shop and been given a new, safer and drier home in the shop window! I know that not all yarn bombs are treated with such respect (are they Knitty Graffity?) so I felt quite honoured.

Apropos Langlebigkeit: alle anderen Strickbomben sind immer noch fest genäht. Alle bis auf diese, die sorgfältig vom Laternenpfahl vor dem Geschäft entfernt wurde und eine neue, sichere Heimat im Trockenen gefunden hat - im Schaufenster! Was eine glückliche Überraschung -
Strickbomben werden bekanntlich nicht immer so behandelt (siehe Knitty Graffity).


  1. Love the flowers and how cool that your piece got taken in and given a new home in the shop window. Respect indeed!

  2. Part of the shop window?! Awesome!

  3. my dear,what a nice idea! i hope they'll have a good time and blossom and blossom...
    apropos the mouse is so alone,sometimes she's crying for a partner..

  4. sadly, the flowers were already removed after just one day. that's only around 9 hours work down the drain. but thanks for the tip about the mouse!

  5. Meine liebe Strickbombe,
    I absolutely love the flowers! made me smile.
    Fuehle mich inpiriert. Hier in NZ hat der Herbst begonnen und ich sehe vieles was etwas Gestricktes brauchen koennte.
    I'm thinking of doing some knitting myself.

  6. I'm stunned!! The flowers are...just amazing! What a shame they disappeared so quickly...
    Very cool to see that the shop owner appreciated your art!
    I'm having lunch with my friend on Friday and she has got 3 of the pieces the gallery removed. I hope they cut them off nicely so that I can recycle them. :-)